Opening the Oyster: A Storyteller's Life


creative writer





I started writing from a very young age but then it was just a hobby. Now it has become a passion to tell stories that come straight from the heart. Over the time it became my profession in which I am still evolving. In my decade+ long writing career I have contributed to some national and international print and digital mediums on a variety of topics which are mostly lifestyle oriented. Be it travel, food, music, interviews, store reviews, art, social issues and initiatives I have covered it all. Being an extrovert and an avid traveler I thrive in enriching social connections and exploring new vistas.

Similarly, in my works I like to experiment with various writing styles and techniques. I never shy away from any writing projects that I believe will touch human lives. With a sharp nose for news  I am ready to take on any writing challenge head on. Come on board and explore my journey as a storyteller through the written word.